Daniel Hari’s background is the Salvation Army. His ministry as an evangelist and teacher of holistic salvation in Jesus Christ reminds me of the ministry of Salvation Army General William Booth, who met the needs of his fellow men in an unconventional way and proclaimed Jesus Christ to them as Savior for body and soul, thus leading them out of bondage into freedom.The Christocentric Healing School in Basel could also be called a school for holistic evangelism. I can only warmly recommend participation.

Hanspeter Nüesch – Campus für Christus SCHWEIZ

Global Coach for Movements and Leadership 



Out of personal attachment I welcome the emergence of a Christocentric healing school. Daniel Hari is a proven personality of integrity whose ministry has left a lasting mark so far.

Pastor Geri Keller, Foundation Schleife in Winterthur 



Daniel Hari is a “man without falsity” (John 1:47-51), a modern-day Nathanael of God who experiences greater things than most because he lives an amazing combination of theological exactitude with vulnerable, childlike faith. Daniel is one of those rare people who recognizes a divine purpose and moves uncompromisingly toward it. He is given to seeing healing and evangelism not as church membership drives but in the much larger framework of the Kingdom of God, and that makes him a game changer, a man who can “flip the switch”: many who meet him are never the same afterwards. Experience it for yourself!

It is a privilege for me to be a friend and fellow worker with him.

Wolfgang Simson, Bestselling author, speaker, theologian & missiologist 



Daniel Hari is a very experienced trainer and practitioner in the field of evangelism. He ministers in preaching as the Word of God says, accompanied by signs and wonders. His faith in the power of God includes knowledge of personal challenges, brokenness and pain, and unanswered prayers. I can heartily recommend Daniel Hari to any church or community that wants to reach out to people who are far from Jesus.

Martin Bühlmann, former leader Vineyard Movement Germany, Austria, Switzerland



Daniel Hari is a great role model for me when it comes to implementing the commission of Jesus Christ according to Matthew 10:8 in today’s world in a visionary and yet very practical way.

Through him I receive personally and for our evangelistic ministry again and again important impulses. I appreciate his great love for Jesus and people and his humble manner very much. Today we are connected by a deep friendship, for which I am grateful to God from the bottom of my heart.

Andreas Lange, initiator of and director of Medialog, formerly Gospel Radio 



Daniel Hari gave us very valuable impulses in the founding years of our work “School for Healing”. I am very happy that he now, after years of inner desert wandering and breakup, has the strength to creatively tackle new tasks and to share the valuable wealth of experience for beneficial mutiplication with frankness in individual events and trainings. For this we wish him, as those responsible for the School for Healing Gwatt, God’s rich blessing.”

Walter Bernhard († 2014)



I have known Daniel Hari for almost 20 years now. I appreciate his open, clear and loving manner very much. His trust in God regarding supernatural healing , which has also been tested through his own difficult life circumstances, is both a challenge and an inspiration.

The powerful words as well as the impressive healing results help me as a scientifically working doctor to look beyond the familiar natural again and again. In doing so, I am encouraged to trust God with great things and to be able to pass on hope in my daily work with patients, even in situations that seem hopeless. Besides, I always notice how Daniel treats the people working in the healthcare sector and their work with great appreciation.

I am happy about the newly emerging Christocentric Healing School in Basel and wish Daniel and his co-workers continued joy and visible results of God’s loving action on people seeking help.

Christian Etter, MD, General Internal Medicine FMH. Head of family practice Im Hard, Langenthal.



With Daniel Hari, God has provided me with an empowered, Spirit-guided companion.

In his loving, competent and also pleasantly humorous way, he has already done me many a good turn on the path with Jesus – be it as a coach, as a health advisor, as a holistic pastor in the best sense.

What makes me especially grateful: Daniel Hari does not bind people to himself through his accompaniment, but places them in relationship with Jesus Christ, the Lord – with the goal of enabling, promoting, strengthening a development toward spiritually healthy independence and maturity in Christ.

For this I am heartily grateful to Daniel Hari.

Rev. Dr. phil. Thomas Richner



I have already worked with Daniel Hari twice, at the fair “Spirit & Healing”,in Saarbrücken – both in autumn 2012 and 2013.

He is a wonderful and warm-hearted person, who guided us “beginners”, with great patience and love, gave us security and the courage to do “it” – to heal people, in the name of Jesus Christ.

His way of creating an atmosphere of love for and respect for the people who came to the booth – that changed the perspective not only of me. His interaction with visitors and the other exhibitors, was really a role model for me!

What impressed me most was not his visible authority to heal people in the name of Jesus Christ. It was the ease and effectiveness with which this was done – the calmness and serenity in doing so, which gave visitors and staff a sense of well-being.

His lectures, during the event, were captivating, lively and extraordinarily exciting – which was confirmed by the great response.

I can only say: Thank you, Daniel! You have given me a new understanding of “Christocentric healing”! Through this I have discarded many “old habits”, schematic thinking about “healing-and-how-it-has-to-happen”. I have become so much more courageous to face people’s sickness – and to heal them – in Jesus Christ’s name!

Andrea Heigermoser
Evangelical Free Church
Vineyard Neunkirchen e.V.



Daniel Hari had surprised me at two mass outreaches with his simple and cheerful way of telling about his Jesus experiences, counting on the healing power of Jesus for the listeners and inviting them to a Jesus relationship. And people were healed and made whole in the name of Jesus! Daniel Hari made us see: Jesus’ commission “preach and heal” really works and is still valid today.

Jürgen Köppel, Pastor in the Chrischona Community Work Germany



Daniel Hari has supported us several times in evangelistic outreaches. We experienced his ministry as extremely enriching and helpful. Very helpful was his ability to motivate and guide the staff to pray for the sick and to minister to them in the name of Jesus.

Ingrid Schemer, Founder and Director Vineyard Neunkirchen

“We especially liked the simple way of the healing event. We also liked the loving but uncompromising way of inviting people to a personal relationship with God. In our opinion Daniel Hari

succeeded very well in getting the priorities right: We firmly count on God to heal. But the most important healing is the restoration of the broken relationship with God. For us, it was an encouraging evening.”

Thomas Altwegg, Pastor,
Chrischona Church Muttenz



I have come to know Daniel Hari in his ministry as a pioneering facilitator and personally believe that his transparency, competencies and integrity distinguish him in discipling people in a way that releases and expands their calling and spiritual empowerment. He knows how to open a fear-free and spiritual space in such a way that followers of Christ are allowed to develop and “try out” themselves in it. His whole attitude shows me personally his spiritual unexcited greatness!

Detlef Czech, Berlin