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RESERVE YOUR PLACE for 10 CHF for an online or live participation in the Aarau event. You can make a donation online, but there will also be a collection in Aarau (recommendation without commitment € = 50 CHF).  

Benji Morf spent 13 years as a pioneer missionary in Asia and witnessed thousands of church plants. The many miraculous healings played an essential role. There were 13 resurrections of the dead in his movement and Benji was a physical witness to many of them.  

“Raise the dead!”

Yes, that is indeed the theme of this conference.

The fact that Jesus Christ himself was raised from the dead is central to the Christian faith. That Jesus commissioned his disciples to raise the dead is written in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 10. It is clear and justified that many questions and challenges arise here: medical, theological, practical, pastoral, legal, etc. 

Eyewitnesses, resurrected persons, people actively involved in resurrections, specialists will speak at our congress in Aarau. 

Participants with a hungry heart and constructive critical questions are welcome! We do not promise that the experiences of resurrected people are transferable as is. Each life story is different. God alone ultimately determines the life span of each individual. Resurrections are great miracles, less frequent in number than healings, as it was already the case in the ministry and life of Jesus Christ! 

As organizers, we look forward to your personal participation. It would be a blessing if you participated as a group or as a member of a church!

Sincerely, the organizers

Benji Morf, Hiram Küenzi, Jonathan Spörri, Daniel Hari

Thank you for your interest!